Hotel Concierge Bookings


Hornblower New York’s Concierge Program

Treat your guests to the ultimate New York City experience.


Hornblower’s Concierge Program allows concierge to provide their guests with the best cruises in New York City including lunch, brunch and dinner cruises, as well as sightseeing, happy hour and party cruises.

The Concierge Commission Program is a traditional commission based/voucher book program, where concierges will collect a deposit upfront and call Hornblower’s central reservations office to make a reservation and pay the total balance.

Guests then bring their voucher to Hornblower’s Pier 40 (brunch and dinner cruises) or Pier 15 (sightseeing, lunch happy hour and party cruises) locations and exchange for tickets.

For more information or to request voucher book, brochures, and a copy of Hornblower’s Official Concierge Program, please contact us  or (646) 576-8400