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Corporate Team Building

Team Building NYC Cruises with Hornblower New York


Team building is vital to your company’s culture and success. Teams need to be able to work together but also to think together, trust each other and work toward the same goals.

Team building on a Hornblower Cruise will:

• Boost morale
• Foster creative thinking and collaboration
• Contribute to company culture
• Allow team bonding
• Be fun!

Team building activities should be fun. When you’re on a yacht, you won’t need ice breakers, you’ll have a team already in the right frame of mind and excited to work together.

Sure, you could go the same old team building route and do it the traditional way, but it’s hard to ask for creative thinking from staff when they’re not seeing it in action.

Hornblower’s yachts are flexible spaces. We can host a small team event aimed at recharging batteries and sparking new enthusiasm. Or maybe you’re looking to improve communication with an inter-team function… Maybe it’s the whole company.

On a Hornblower yacht, it will be a memorable experience. The bonds built and the lessons learned will be carried through to the workplace in ways you never imagined.

See our packages for how a team building experience can be tailored to your needs.

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