Office Holiday Parties: The Do’s & Don’ts

Written by Alexis De Jesus on December 14, 2017

Holiday parties
are the best, aren’t they?

Eh, sometimes. Although it may be a great time to let loose and socialize with other departments that you had no idea existed, it’s also a good time to show that you can maintain your professionalism. Below you’ll find a few tips to keep class, eat, drink, and be merry at your office party.

  1. Frank the tank keeps coming around with shots. First of all, Frank the Tank shouldn’t be doing this. Try to stay away from “living your best life” moments by taking a few shots in front of Ross the Big Boss. In other words, stick to the two drink maximum rule.
  2. “Hi- I’m Janet from Marketing, I’ve been working here for three years and have no idea who you are, have we met?” Janet, chances are, you already met Paul from IT three times. Don’t be like Janet. Make sure you’re at least able to recognize faces, even if you don’t know names. If you are like Janet, it’s ok, at least you’re trying to mingle with other departments, just make sure you’re not saying this to your boss’ boss. That’s no bueno.
  3. Keep track of time. Don’t be the individual to show up half hour before the party ends. We know holiday parties can get better as more people drink and get loose, but there’s a difference between showing up fashionably late and “why did you even show up at this point.”
  4. Dress to impress. This one is pretty straight forward and if you don’t get it by now, sorry.
  5. Thank the holiday party coordinators. Tara and Stacy will appreciate a thank you. They didn’t just stress out and practically hyperventilate over nothing. They put time and effort into this, so just tell them thanks.

If you know Tara and Stacy don’t even have a holiday party location, feel free to throw in our name. We have great holiday party packages that could be beneficial in price for your company.

Happy Holidays!

-The Hornblower NY Family