Snowboarding in NYC – How New Yorkers deal with a blizzard

Written by Damian O’Keeffe on January 25, 2016
Snowboarding in NYC


Winter Storm Jonas may be over and there’s a lot of cleaning up to do but when the going gets tough in NYC, New Yorkers get going.

For most people, the smart thing to do during a blizzard is to stock up on food, and binge-watch the latest series on Netflix. For others, the inclement weather is an opportunity.

It’s great to see ingenuity and adventure come together under trying circumstances… we just wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. That said, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching.

The video comes from two popular YouTube video producers, Casey Neistat and Jesse Wellens, and was filmed using numerous cameras including a GoPro and drone and, needless to say has gone viral.
Snow Storm Jonas dropped just under 27 inches in Central park and more in many other parts of New York City.