Congrats on One Year, DAYBREAKER!

Written by Cameron Clark on December 18, 2014


DAYBREAKER celebrated it’s one-year anniversary in style with a morning rave cruise aboard the 210-foot Hornblower Infinity in New York Harbor on Thursday, December 18, 2014.

The anniversary festivities featured beats by Burning Man’s legendary DJ, The Scrumfrog, with musicians from the Juilliard School illuminating the Infinity‘s dance floor with additional tunes for everyone’s enjoyment.

DAYBREAKER donated a portions of their anniversary cruise proceeds to the Urban Arts Partnershipan incredible organization that provides arts education programs for youth in lower-income schools across New York City.

DAYBREAKER is a morning movement that will start your day off unlike anything else. It is about being in the here and now, surrounded by amazing people, beautiful music, and an incredible vibe. It is about dancing your face off before work and feeling gloriously healthy while doing so. It is about love, it is about mindfulness, and it is about mischief.

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Here’s a note from the DAYBREAKER founders regarding the anniversary event:

On Thursday, December 18th, DAYBREAKER returns to New York City on a morning holiday cruise you won’t soon forget.

Let’s just say Santa Claus is coming to town.

Check out Hornblower’s write up on DAYBREAKER’s Halloween cruise from October 2014!

(Header photo credit to Scott Ritter. Follow him on Twitter: @ScottMRitter, and Instagram: @ScottMRitter)