Hornblower’s Official Holiday Party Menu Checklist

Written by Cameron Clark on October 14, 2014


The holidays call for cuisine that’s a bit more festive, a little heartier, and accommodating of picky eaters. Building a holiday party menu for your coworkers is a risky endeavor, but if you’re ambitious and creative enough, you’ll be just fine.

Keep your guests happy with great (and diverse) menu options at this year’s company holiday party. We know that pleasing everyone is a tall task, but if you can adhere to the checklist below, your guests will walk away satisfied. Here are 8 elements to consider when planning the perfect holiday party menu:

  1. Provide an even balance between local dishes and international favorites
  2. Consider options for attendees with gluten allergies
  3. Make sure the bar options complement the cuisine
  4. Prepare enough for everyone, but do your best to minimize waste
  5. Dedicate at least one dish to seafood
  6. Offer at least two dessert options
  7. Don’t forget about the vegans!
  8. And most importantly, introduce a little comfort food

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Learn more about Hornblower’s on-going holiday party offers running through the end of 2014 at hornblowerny.com.