• Terry Macrae

    Chairman & CEO of Hornblower Inc.

  • Steve Rosenbloom

    General Manager

  • hlee280

    Hana Lee

    Director of Marketing

  • Katie Vinson

    Director of Sales

  • Sherril Schwartz

    Director of Food & Beverage

  • Elizabeth Tornatore

    Director Of Night Life & Entertainment

  • Chris Bierker

    Director of Marine Engineering

  • Shawn Ware

    Director of Marine Operations

  • Mark Philipps

    Director of Maritime Relations

  • Jacqueline Troccoli

    Associate Director of Sales

  • chef scott

    Scott Hauser

    Executive Chef

  • Vivian Cabrera

    Sales Manager

  • Rosly S Guerrero-Davis

    Sales Manager

  • Tyler Lindsay

    Sales Manager

  • Isaac Pacheco

    Sales Manager

  • Edith Bermudez

    Sales Coordinator

  • Robert Miller

    Public Cruise Manager

  • Chao Xie

    International Marketing Specialist

  • damosite

    Damian O'Keeffe

    Senior Content Marketing / Lead Project Manager

  • Gena Bravo

    Human Resources Manager

  • Andy Chin

    Accounting Manager